NODIZ Ignition Only ECU

Powerful 3D Digital Ignition Control
affordable | accurate | reliable

The NODIZ Pro is a compact and powerful ignition-only ECU for four and eight cylinder engines. Suited to classics and modern carburetor converted engines, the NODIZ Pro does just what it says on the box – No Distributor. Digitally fired coils with the full tuneability of a 3D map.



  • 16×16 3D Ignition Table
  • Direct Coil Drive, Wasted Spark Ignition
  • 36-1 or 60-2 Trigger Wheel Support
  • Throttle or MAP for load
  • Bluetooth & Serial Connectivity
  • Hard Cut/Soft Cut Limiters
  • Auxiliary & Shift Light Output
  • Tachometer Output
  • Free Android Digital Dashboard
  • Calibrate your offset via Push Buttons
  • Basemaps Preloaded
  • Launch Control


36-1/60-2 Triggers
We opted to cater for the two most popular OEM trigger patterns on the market. 36-1 suits Fords range of engines (Zetec, Duratec etc), as well as most aftermarket trigger wheel kits, while 60-2 is the OEM pattern used on engines such as the Vauxhall C20XE ‘redtop’, BMW’s, and Peugeot’s and Citroen offerings.

Inbuilt Coil Drivers
The NODIZ Pro houses its own coil-drivers. This means direct use of either a Ford or Vauxhall/Bosch type coil pack. No need for external igniters or EDIS modules. A simple point-to-point wire.

Preloaded Maps
Our NODIZ Pros leave the factory with a conservative yet effective ignition table which means that for 90% of applications, no tuning will ever be required – however – if you really want the best, head to one of our approved agents for a rolling road session to really optimise the timing