Full Generic wiring loom (harness) for Emerald ECU – 4 cylinder


Emerald full generic wiring harness for 4 cylinder engines – In house designed and assembled with high quality automotive materials to provide ease of installation and flexibility for a wide variety of 4 cylinder engines in conjunction with our standalone ECU. Available for both, K3 ECU and K6 ECU. All wires are twisted to avoid any possible interference and labeled for easy installation.

Screenshot-2018-6-13 Emerald Full Generic Loom - 4 cylinder engines

Technical Specification

The loom is available in a variety of base configurations:

* Inductive crank sensor
* Inductive crank & cam sensors
* Digital crank sensor
* Inductive crank sensor & digital cam sensor
* Digital crank sensor & inductive cam sensor
* Digital crank sensor & digital cam sensor

and two options of Coil setup:

* Coil Pack
* Coil on Plug (4 separate Coils) (K6 ECU only) Coil on plug option also depends on your engine specifications. Please describe your engine below.

Standardised lengths (shown from ECU to connection):

* Crank sensor wires (shielded), unterminated – 1700mm
* Cam sensor wires (shielded), unterminated – 1700mm
* Coil Pack wires, unterminated – 1850mm
* Coil on Plug, unterminated – 1550/1650/1750/1850mm
* Fuel Injector wires, junior timer or EV6 connectors – 1550/1650/1750/1850mm
* Air temp sensor wires, junior timer connectors – 2000mm
* Coolant temp sensor wires, junior timer connectors – 2000mm
* MAP sensor wires, unterminated – 2000mm
* TPS sensor wires, unterminated – 2000mm
* Lambda sensor wires, unterminated – 1960mm
* Main Relay – 530mm
* Fuel Pump Relay wire, unterminated – 2000mm
* Cooling Fan wire, unterminated – 2000mm
* Shift-light, unterminated (not included with Coil on plug option) – 1850mm
* Tacho Driver wire, unterminated – 1850mm
* Battery +12v wire, unterminated- 1700mm
* Earth wire, unterminated – 1700mm

The majority of sensor and output wires are supplied unterminated so that wire length can be trimmed and connectors of your choice fitted as required.

Various suitable connectors are available from “Connectors” section of our Shop.

If you wish we can preinstall them for you. Simply select the right options below.

Please check your requirements before ordering. If any details above are not satisfactory please contact us for customization. Full custom looms also available.

Emerald K6 ECU Plug & Play adapter – VW/Audi, 1.8T, AGU engine

A plug and play adapter to allow direct fitment of our K6 ECU to the VW/Audi 1.8T (AGU) engine where the OE loom is retained.


Please note that OEM engine doesn’t use MAP sensor. If you haven’t installed it previously we would recommend our Delphi MAP sensor. Connection for the MAP sensor is provided as standard on the adapter.

Emerald K6 ECU Plug & Play adapter – Peugeot 106/306


Emerald K6+

Having all the same features as the Emerald K6 ECU but with additional functions. The K6+ can now do the following:

  • Any number of cylinders from 1 to 12
  • Sequential ignition and injection to six cylinders
  • Triple live map switching (engine running)
  • USB with Wi-Fi link to phone or tablet device
  • Twin Lambda input (for V Engines)
  • Load from TPS or MAP sensor (or combination)
  • Double injector control
  • Closed loop fuelling
  • Adaptive mapping from a wide band sensor
  • Boost control
  • Boost adjustment with different gears
  • Boost dash override.
  • Boost Vs EGT function
  • Over-boost protection
  • Hard cut rev limit
  • Soft cut rev limit
  • Coolant fan control x 2
  • Air Conditioning control
  • Idle stabilisation using ignition advance
  • IACV control for 2/3/4/5 wire motors
  • Adjustable speed sites
  • Adjustable load sites
  • VVT cam control
  • VVC cam control
  • VTEC switching
  • Internal Barometer correction
  • Drive-by-wire (DBW)
  • Programmable pedal mapping
  • Throttle blip function (sequential gearbox)
  • Flat shift (H-Pattern or sequential gearbox)
  • Traction control
  • Launch control
  • Distributor or trigger wheel driven
  • 14 different trigger patterns available
  • Direct link to AIM and Race Technology Dash
  • Battery voltage compensation
  • Mapped coil-on time
  • Internal or external ignition amp control (coil-on-plug possible)
  • Road speed limiter (requires wheel speed input)
  • Keep-alive after key off (Turbo spin down)
  • Overrun fuel cut-off
  • Oil pressure protection input
  • Fuel pressure input
  • Flex fuel sensor input (E85/Petrol % volume)
  • 20,000 rpm capability
  • Digital or inductive sensor inputs
  • Tacho driver/tell-tale